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Victoria Shadow Minister for Scrutiny of Government David Davis

Justice Art Barons Hoard Mega-Dollar Artworks

Victor P Taffa

Victoria Attorney-General Rob Hulls has built an Empire of Justice Department Art Barons who decorates their office walls with highly-priced artworks while Victorians suffer from an under-funded Justice System and Huge Court Backlogs.

A Department of Justice asset register from March this year released under Freedom of Information shows the Department is hoarding Artworks worth Millions of Dollars.

“While Justice Department fatcats are admiring these expensive oils adorning their office walls, Victorians are being denied justice because of Rob Hulls’ underfunded courts.” Shadow Minister for Scrutiny of Government David Davis said today.




“Victorians would be shocked to learn that their out-of-touch Attorney-General is more interested in admiring his expensive private art collection than delivering justice for victims of record violent crime.”

Criminal case waiting lists have grown by 36 % since 2003 and are under great pressure from Victoria’s soaring levels of violent crime, and Victoria now has Australia’s longest criminal case waiting lists in every court in the state.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department’s art collection includes oil portraits worth more than $150,000 and many more works by renowned Australian artists such as Sir William Dargie, five-time Archibald Prize winner and official war artist Sir John Longstaff, Archibald Prize winner Charles Wheeler and Robert Dowling.

“These artworks should be on public display for all Victorians to enjoy, not adorning the walls of Rob Hulls’ Plush Offices.” Mr. Davis said.


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