Nearly $900,000 Overpayments Made By Department Of Education

Nearly $900,000 Overpayments Made By Department Of Education

South Australia Shadow Minister for Education David Pisoni

Labor’s Finances In Disarray

Victor P Taffa

Labor’s Economic Incompetence is on display again with staff from the Department of Education (DECS) being overpaid nearly $900,000.

As of June 2010 there were 912 Overpayments from DECS totaling $881,938.

The Overpayments are being monitored by both DECS and Labor’s troubled Shared Services SA.

• DECS is overseeing 140 Overpayments totaling $249, 683.72
• Shared Services SA is overseeing 772 Overpayment totaling $632, 254, 75

Shadow Education Minister David Pisoni said Labor shouldn’t need two departments and a Minister to sort out the simple task of paying salaries.”

“Labor has lost control of its finances and can’t decide who should sort it out.” Mr. Pisoni said.

“Labor is so disinterested that it has let nearly $900,000 slip through its fingers and can’t trust one department to clean up the mess.” Mr. Pisoni said.

“Shared Services is a shambles it has been plagued with blow outs and economic mismanagement obviously Labor is not confident the overpayments can be sorted out there.”

“DECS is run by a Minister who responsible for back flips on adult education and school amalgamations and for possibly blowing a $130 Million hole in budget bottom line from public servants cashing out long service leave. Clearly Labor can’t trust the Department to reign in its own finances.”

“This Labor Government is careless with taxpayers’ money but when it all goes wrong they can’t even coordinate a streamline response.” Mr. Pisoni said.