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Western Australia Minister for Emergency Services Francis Logan

Lifesaving Equipment Fitted To Nearly 1,000 Firefighting Vehicles

Victor P Taffa

  • Extension of crew cab protection program results in 928 firefighting appliances fitted with lifesaving equipment
  • Increased safety measures a result of $8.732 Million investment in an extra 261 appliances on top of previous program fit-out

Firefighters throughout Western Australia now have an extra layer of lifesaving equipment following recent completion of the extension of the crew-cab protection program.

“I would like to congratulate the staff at the Department of Fire and Emergency Services’ vehicle workshop for completing what has been a significant and highly important project.” Minister for Emergency Services Francis Logan said.

“They have fitted nearly 1,000 vehicles with protection measures that could save the lives of the firefighters who put themselves on the frontline to help their communities.”

Program has involved fitting various safety measures to the interior and exterior of existing firefighting appliances including heat shields, deluge systems and in-cab air breathing systems.

Protection measures are designed to help protect vehicle occupants in the event of a burnover.

Under the original program, 667 appliances had been fitted with the lifesaving measures.

McGowan Government invested $8.732 Million to extend the program to cover another 261 firefighting appliances from around the State and across the various career and volunteer fire services.

Project, which finished on schedule, is another demonstration of the McGowan Government’s commitment to improving safety measures for Western Australia’s career and volunteer firefighters.


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