Nearly 100 Paramedics Graduate At Ceremony In Melbourne

Nearly 100 Paramedics Graduate At Ceremony In Melbourne

Victoria Minister for Health Jill Hennessy

Graduate Paramedics Hit The Road To Save Lives

Victor P Taffa

Nearly 100 paramedics are ready to hit the road and help save lives and give Victorians the treatment they deserve.

Minister for Ambulance Services Jill Hennessy today joined Ambulance Victoria’s latest batch of graduate paramedics at a ceremony at Etihad Stadium.

“We’re getting more paramedics on the road, and giving them the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment they need to protect the community.” Minister for Health Jill Hennessy said.

“We’re so proud of the work our paramedics do each and every day, saving the lives of all Victorians.”

A total of 98 paramedics have now completed their 12-month Ambulance Victoria Graduate Ambulance Paramedic program a flagship course designed to support paramedics to transition from university to the workforce.

Latest batch of graduates also includes 6 new MICA paramedics who have completed specialised intensive care training.

Graduating class includes 54 women and 44 men, proving once more Ambulance Victoria sets the benchmark for diversity and gender equality.

Andrews Government is taking action to ensure more rural and regional parts of Victoria have worldclass access to an ambulance when emergency strikes.

New paramedics are now deployed in the areas they’re needed most. Some 32 new paramedics are based in Melbourne’s east, while 37 are stationed in Melbourne’s west.

In regional Victoria paramedics will be based at:

  • 3 in the Loddon region,
  • 4 in the Hume region,
  • 3 in the Barwon region,
  • 3 in the Gippsland region,
  • 3 in the Grampians region.

After completing the Graduate Ambulance Paramedic Program, paramedics continue training throughout their careers to ensure they’re equipped with the latest up-to-date lifesaving interventions.

State Government $500 Million plan will improve ambulance response times, employ 450 more paramedics, buy new vehicles and build more stations across Victoria where they’re needed most.

Latest performance data shows

  • 4 % of Code 1 ambulances are arriving within 15 minutes of call-out,
  • 76 % a year earlier,
  • 73.7 % when the Liberals were last in Government.


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