NBN Rollout Must Be Fair

NBN Rollout Must Be Fair

Victoria Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips

Victoria Calls For Fair Share Of NBN Rollout

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Government today called on the Commonwealth Government to give Victoria its fair share of the NBN coverage following NBN Co’s release of its 12-month national construction plan.

The construction plan lists the communities in each State and Territory where NBN construction work will begin between now and September 2012, as well as where the rollout of the network has been completed or is currently under way.

According to NBN Co’s plan, Victoria will only receive 12 % of the national share.

Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips said the Victorian Government was disappointed with the announcement.

“The rollout plan shows that Victoria is being disadvantaged in the important early stages of the NBN rollout.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

“According to the rollout schedule Victoria’s share of NBN construction activity as a proportion of its population will be the lowest of any State or Territory.”

“Victoria has a 12 % share of national premises to be covered in the next 12 months, less than half our approximate 25 % share of the national population.”

“Particularly disappointing is the lack of planned construction activity for regional Victoria, with only one planned fibre optic deployment in the next year scheduled for Ballarat Central.”

This falls far short of the regional prioritisation of the NBN rollout promised by the Commonwealth Government.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

Mr. Rich-Phillips urged the Commonwealth Government to step in and take action, to ensure a fair and reasonable outcome for Victoria.

“It is the Commonwealth Government’s responsibility to ensure that adequate broadband services are delivered to all Victorians.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

“Victoria’s regions and outer metropolitan black spots need improved broadband services now. The inadequate rollout will hold back Victoria’s innovative and research-focused industries and institutions.”

“The Victorian Government will press the Commonwealth Government and NBN Co to remedy this situation and take immediate steps to ensure that Victoria receives its fair share of NBN infrastructure.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.