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Northern Territory Deputy Opposition Leader Kezia Purick

Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Statehood Kezia Purick

Pressure Surge

Victor P Taffa

The Labor Government should end four years of procrastination and delay and release the revised storm surge maps for Darwin and the Top End.

Deputy Opposition Leader, Kezia Purick, said the community has a right to know what, if any, has changed since the previous storm surge maps were published.

“The Government commissioned the drafting of the new storm surge maps four years ago, and there appears to be no valid excuse for delaying their release.” Ms. Purick said.

“The recent disastrous floods on the East and West Coasts highlight the unpredictable nature of Australia’s weather.”


“Disaster can strike at any time and it’s the responsibility of Government to arm the community with as much information as possible about the potential outcomes of weather events.” Ms. Purick said.

“It is also important from an insurance perspective that people know whether their home or business is in a storm surge zone.”

Ms. Purick said it was important insurance policy holders clarified exactly the extent of their cover in the event of an extreme weather incident.

“Policy holders must determine whether they’re covered for storm surge, flood or wind damage in advance of any such event.”

“Insurance companies have an obligation to explain the fine print of any policy but Policy Holders must also know how far their cover extends.” Ms. Purick said.


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