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Federal Election 2010

Alan Hay Selected As Nationals Candidate For Throsby

Victor P Taffa

Christine Ferguson, State Chairman of the NSW Nationals, has announced that Alan Hay has been selected as The Nationals candidate for Throsby at the upcoming Federal election.

“Alan Hay is an outstanding community-focused candidate who will fight for the interests of all residents in the new Throsby electorate with absolute commitment and passion.” Mrs. Ferguson said.

Alan, 42, was born in the North-East of Scotland. He came to Australia in the early nineties and has lived in the Southern Highlands region for the past decade.





Originally trained in architectural design, Alan is now a partner in a local small business in the fitness industry and had previous involvement in an apple orchard and bottling plant.

Upon winning preselection, Alan committed to campaigning full time until Election Day.

Throsby Election Results: 2007 Two Party Preferred

73.46% Labor

26.54% Liberal

100.00% Total

Notional 2010 Two Party Preferred after Redistribution

66.67% Labor

33.24% Lib/NP

100.00% Total

According to the Australian Electoral Commission redistributions of electoral boundaries were undertaken in New South Wales and Queensland following a change in their entitlement to seats in the House of Representatives owing to their comparatively significant population changes.

The number of divisions in New South Wales decreased from 49 to 48. The redistribution resulted in changes to the boundaries in a majority of divisions, and the abolition of the then Division of Reid. Other changes were the renaming of the Division of Lowe to the Division of Reid and the Division of Prospect to the Division of McMahon.

The number of divisions in Queensland increased from 29 to 30. The redistribution resulted in changes to the boundaries of a majority of the divisions and the creation of a new division named the Division of Wright.

Makeup of the Federal Parliament

New South Wales               48 seats

Victoria                                 37 seats

Queensland                          30 seats

Western Australia              15 seats

South Australia                    11 seats

Tasmania                                  5 seats

ACT                                              2 seats

Northern Territory                2 seats

Total                                     150 seats


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