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Federal Election 21 August 2010

New South Wales Senate Candidates Debate

Nationals Senator Nash To Debate The Greens’ Candidate 

Victor P Taffa

New South Wales Nationals Senator and Deputy Leader of The Nationals in the Senate, Fiona Nash will debate Greens Senate Candidate, Lee Rhiannon next Wednesday 18 August on Sky News at 8:30 am and then at AgQuip Field Days, Gunnedah the same day at 2:00 pm.

As you are most probably already aware, Fiona is our Senator who is up for re-election and the Greens are running a concerted campaign to replace her with their candidate, Lee Rhiannon.

Fiona would appreciate any support that Nationals members can provide by tuning in to Sky News on Wednesday morning or attending the debate at AgQuip on Wednesday afternoon.

Fiona says she’s pleased the Greens Senate candidate, Lee Rhiannon, has agreed to the debate.

Ms. Rhiannon originally challenged Senator John Williams to the debate, but has since agreed to debate Senator Nash instead.

“It makes more sense given I’m the senator up for re-election and who she’s trying to replace.”

“It’s time Lee Rhiannon was challenged over the Greens policies that will do damage to regional Australia.

“She wants an Emissions Trading Scheme that’ll cost farmers and drive up electricity prices for families, she wants to take more water away from our food producers, she wants a soft approach to controlling feral animals and pests, and she wants to ban logging in native forests and on live animal exports threatening thousands of jobs.” Senator Nash said.

“The people of NSW have a right to know just what Lee Rhiannon and the Greens’ intentions are, if they got the balance of power.

“On the contrary, regional people are in safe hands with the Nationals.

“I look forward to debating Lee Rhiannon and how the Nationals are the best party to represent regional communities.” Senator Nash said.

Debate Details:

Sky News – 8:30 am Wednesday 18 August
AgQuip Field Days – 2:00 pm, Wednesday 18 August, Blackjack Road, Gunnedah

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