Napthine Govt Supports Locals For Regional Victoria

Napthine Govt Supports Locals For Regional Victoria

Victoria Member For Swan Hill Peter Walsh

Labor Preselects Melburnians For Regional Victoria

Victor P Taffa

  • Labor can’t find candidates to run in Gippsland South or Gippsland East
  • Labor runs token campaigns with Melburnians who don’t about regional Victoria

The Labor party is no longer even pretending to care about Regional Victoria following recent revelations from the candidate for Ovens Valley.




Labor’s Ovens Valley candidate, Melburnian ex union boss Gail Cholosznecki, told the Wangaratta Chronicle: “I stood because nobody wanted to from within the Ovens Valley electorate.” Ms. Cholosznecki visited the electorate she claims to want to represent just once in 53 days.

The Nationals campaign spokesperson Peter Walsh said he was not surprised.

“We’ve always known Labor didn’t care about the country, and now even Labor’s own are admitting it.” Mr. Walsh said.

“Just recently I read comments from former ALP candidate for Mildura Ali Cupper where acknowledged a Labor Government had failed her region, saying: “It was an ALP government that proposed a toxic waste dump at Nowingi. It was an ALP government that promised and then abandoned the return of our train.

“Regional Victoria can’t trust Labor. Labor chose candidates from Melbourne for Eastern Victorian upper house spots; at least one Northern Victorian upper house seat, and famously ousted a Labor candidate chosen by Macedon locals to insert a faction-appointed Northcote resident.” Mr. Walsh said.

“Labor’s candidate for Bass in Gippsland is from Deer Park in Melbourne’s west and they couldn’t even find takers for Gippsland South or Gippsland East.”

“Regional Victorians are being disrespected by Labor factional heavies who want to give jobs to their mates instead of running genuine local candidates who are connected to the regions they claim to represent.”

“Labor’s lack of understanding of regional issues shines through in their policies, like slashing the country roads budget from more than $500 Million to $125 Million, axing the $1 Billion Regional Growth Fund, and refusing to commit to the Murray Basin Rail Plan.” Mr. Walsh said.