Napthine Govt Provides Support For Rural Councils

Napthine Govt Provides Support For Rural Councils

Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

$100 Million For Rural Councils Under Coalition

Victor P Taffa

  • Re-elected Coalition to provide a further $100 Million for rural infrastructure
  • Will fund projects such as roads, bridges, halls, grandstands, pools, libraries

Victoria’s 38 rural councils will share in $100 Million over the next four years to build key local infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, halls, grandstands, pools and libraries under a re-elected Victorian Coalition Government.

Deputy Premier and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan today announced that a re-elected Coalition Government would continue its successful $100 Million Local Government Infrastructure Program.



Mr. Ryan said the program was a component of the Coalition’s $1 Billion Regional Growth Fund and for the past four years had provided much-needed funding for local councils to build or upgrade local infrastructure.

“The Coalition Government is continuing this important funding program because we want to ensure our rural communities are thriving and vibrant places to live, work and visit.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Previously this $100 Million fund has been available to both regional and rural councils, but if the Coalition is re-elected we will dedicate the fund solely to rural councils. Regional councils will instead access our $100 Million Regional Cities Infrastructure Program.”

“This means rural councils will receive around 25 % more funding under a re-elected Coalition Government.” Mr. Ryan said.

“This not only ensures our rural communities can undertake important infrastructure projects but also places downward pressure on rates, as councils don’t need to fund the projects from their own budgets.”

Mr. Ryan said through the Local Government Infrastructure Program, funding was allocated to rural councils to deliver infrastructure projects they had identified as local priorities.

“Local councils are best-placed to determine their local infrastructure priories and that is why it is the councils – not government – who decide where the money should be spent.” Mr. Ryan said.

“This funding program is of course is on top of ongoing infrastructure investments for schools, hospitals and roads, and complements other Coalition initiatives such as the $160 Million Country Roads and Bridges Program, which will deliver $1 Million a year over the next four years to enable rural councils to repair and replace shire managed roads and bridges.”

Minister for Local Government and Member for Gippsland East Tim Bull said over the past four years Victoria’s rural councils had each received between $813,000 to $2.5 Million through the Local Government Infrastructure Program, delivering more than 400 local infrastructure projects.

“The Local Government Infrastructure Program has been extremely successful and is highly valued by councils.” Mr. Bull said.

“Unfortunately Daniel Andrews and his regional spokesperson Jacinta Allan have admitted they will slash the $1 Billion Regional Growth Fund and its programs.”

“Labor will replace the Regional Growth Fund with a $500 Million imitation fund that is simply re-badged general revenue – not extra money for rural and regional Victoria.”

“Examples include their funding commitments for the Grampians Peak Trail, Stawell Gift and horticulture research – all projects the Coalition will fund from other budgets, because our Regional Growth Fund is to provide extra spending, not core budget spending.” Mr. Bull said.