Name Change Just Like The Deck Chairs On The Titanic

Name Change Just Like The Deck Chairs On The Titanic

Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Child Protection Robyn Lambley

Changing The Name Won’t Fix The Problem

Victor P Taffa

The Henderson Government should outline the corporate structure that will underpin its new child protection agency and explain how changing the agency’s name will better protect children in care, Shadow Minister for Child Protection, Robyn Lambley said today.

“The Government’s turned its back on tough reforms and opted to do the easy part first.” Ms. Lambley said.

“It has broken its promise to implement key recommendations from the Growing them strong, together report within six months, blowing the time-frame out to nine months because it wasn’t able to meet its deadlines.”


“It’s also rejected measures introduced into the Parliament by the Country Liberals that would give the Children’s Commissioner more powers to investigate suspected child neglect or to oversee the implementation of the Growing them strong, together report.”

“Instead, it announces it plans to change the agency’s name the second name change foisted on child protection services in the past two years.” Ms. Lambley said.

“This is on top of the six ministers to have had carriage over child protection since Labor took office.”

“This might make the Minister feel better, but does little for the children who desperately need this Government to step up to its responsibilities.”

“Minister Vatskalis should immediately release the new Department’s corporate structure and detail the make-up of its proposed staffing arrangements.” Ms. Lambley said.

“They should reveal how many executive contract staff will be employed, what salaries they will receive and from where they will be recruited.”

“This Government has a history of recruiting senior contract staff ahead of front-line workers and it’s time for Labor to put the focus on children in care.”

“We need truth from this Government, not more layers of bureaucracy that protect the Minister, but not children in care.” Ms. Lambley said.