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Tasmania Leader of the Opposition Will Hodgman

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Energy Peter Gutwein

Liberals Commit To $400 Million Musselroe Project-200 Jobs To Be Created

Victor P Taffa

Tasmania Leader of the Opposition Will Hodgman today announced that a Hodgman Liberal Government stands ready to assist Roaring 40’s to secure finance to immediately begin building the now stalled $400M Musselroe wind farm in Tasmania’s North-East.

“All we need is for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to guarantee that wind farms will be financially viable as a result of his new renewable energy scheme.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“As it stands, Kevin Rudd’s scheme won’t begin until 1 January 2011and the effect on the market price of REC’s (renewable energy certificates) could take months to flow through. This is too long. This uncertainty will continue to cost jobs and investment not just in Tasmania but around the country as well.” Mr. Hodgman said.


A Hodgman Liberal Government will, subject to Kevin Rudd being prepared to back his own scheme, ensure that construction of the project can commence by assisting Roaring 40s to ensure that they are able to secure an interim finance package to immediately recommence construction on this vital centerpiece for Tasmania’s renewable energy sector.

“Prime Minister Kevin Rudd must either shorten the timeframe or provide a guarantee that the industry can bank on so that shovel ready projects like Musselroe can commence immediately.” Mr. Hodgman said.

Mr. Hodgman made the announcement at Haywards Engineering near Launceston, a local heavy fabrication and engineering company that has expertise in wind farm manufacturing.

“Today’s announcement is yet another demonstration that while Labor talks about jobs, it is only the Liberals who are able to actually deliver.”

“This is the real change Tasmania needs. On Friday Mr. Bartlett promised to look after the forestry sector, yet at the same time he is allowing our forest contracting sector to haemorrhage, and has offered nothing other than false promises.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“The previous day, Mr Bartlett had the gall to visit Haywards Engineering, yet he has done nothing to facilitate construction at Musselroe. The Liberals are the only party which can grow our economy and local jobs to enable us to provide for all Tasmanians.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“Roaring 40s has told us that it could be 12 months before the market for Renewable Energy Certificates feels the impact of Kevin Rudd’s legislative fix. That is too long to wait. We believe that renewable energy has a strong future in this country and we believe that Tasmania must play a strong role in that future.” Shadow Minister for Energy Peter Gutwein said.

“Construction of the Musselroe wind farm will create 200 jobs during the construction phase and provide 30 fulltime jobs managing the wind farm into the future.”

“Labor has sat on their hands, denied, and dithered while the Musselroe project has slowly ground to a halt.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“We believe that Tasmania’s future is going to be based on smart industries and renewable energy is one of the smart sectors that Labor have not been able to deliver on.”

“We will ensure that Tasmania rightly becomes the renewable energy powerhouse of the nation and unlike Labor we are no longer prepared to sit idly whilst the opportunity passes us by.” Mr. Gutwein said.

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TAS Shadow Minister for Energy Peter Gutwein

TAS Shadow Minister for Energy Peter Gutwein


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