Mum Needs To Be Looked After

Mum Needs To Be Looked After

Victoria Minister for Consumer Affairs Michael O’Brien

Coalition Government Helps Consumers And Traders Know Their Rights This Mothers’ Day

Victor P Taffa

Victorians who purchase faulty gifts for Mothers’ Day this Sunday have been given a helping hand by the Victorian Coalition Government with a promotional poster, radio and online campaign to make people aware of their rights as consumers and traders.

Minister for Consumer Affairs Michael O’Brien launched a new campaign ahead of Mothers’ Day to help anyone who has received a faulty gift and to make sure traders know their responsibilities on refunds, repairs and exchanges.

“Some Victorian mums may face the disappointment of opening a gift of thanks from their loved ones only to find the gift is faulty or doesn’t do the job it is meant to do.” Mr. O’Brien said.



“It can be intimidating taking a faulty item back to a shop, so today I am launching a new campaign to ensure people understand what rights they have to refunds, repairs and exchanges and ensure traders know when they are required to be cooperative in helping customers.”

“Consumers and retailers can find out about their shopping rights and responsibilities by downloading the MyShopRights smartphone app.” Mr. O’Brien said.

The poster advertisement will feature a Consumer Affairs Victoria character illustrating a common scenario faced by shoppers, while the radio advertisements and banner advertising will remind people to download MyShopRights to their smart phone and remind retailers to order their copies of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) guides.

The campaign will also feature coverage extended to eight weeks through ethnic media, with shopping rights posters to be translated into 10 languages. Under the ACL, consumers in Victoria and around the country are offered the same comprehensive set of protections and guarantees for goods and services, which means that consumers who buy gifts interstate are subject to the same protections.

“The new national law guarantees consumers have consistent rights when they buy goods and services. This includes rights to repairs, replacements, refunds and other compensation regardless of any other warranty.” Mr. O’Brien said.

Among the consumer guarantees offered under the new law, suppliers and manufacturers are deemed to guarantee that goods are:

  • Safe;
  • Durable and free from defects;
  • Acceptable in appearance and finish;
  • Able to do the job that they are usually supplied for.

Under ACL, when Victorians buy a service, the person or business that sells the service automatically guarantees to use due care and skill, and that the service will meet its specified purpose.