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A Hodgman Liberal Government will improve public safety in Launceston’s centre by providing up to $100,000 for a new Police and information booth in the Mall.

We will also expand Police ‘move on’ powers to provide a new provision for a 24 hour ban, at the discretion of the Police.

People in Launceston want real change when it comes to security concerns – this Police booth and expanded Police powers is part of our plan to deliver real change for public safety in Launceston, and across Tasmania.

TAS Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Services Rene Hidding

TAS Shadow Minister for Police and Emergency Services Rene Hidding









The expanded powers will mean that if a person is asked by a Police officer to leave a public place when the Police officer believes on reasonable grounds that the person may commit an offence, endanger the safety of another person or be likely to commit a breach of the peace, that period can be for a set 24 hour period.

The current ‘move on’ powers under the Police Offences Act only specifies a period of “not less than 4 hours”, but it needs to be clear to Police on the beat and to the community that a 24 hour ban can be imposed, without the need to take the person into custody.

Failure to obey such a Police direction already makes a person liable to be arrested.

The Police and information booth will be developed in consultation with the Launceston City Council, Cityprom and Tasmania Police to ensure its style and precise location is suitable.

The booth will be able to double as a place for a periodic Police presence, and also an information point for visitors and locals alike on services and attractions in the Launceston area.

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