Multiple Murderers Bill 2018 To Be Introduced Into Parliament

Multiple Murderers Bill 2018 To Be Introduced Into Parliament

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan

Western Australia Attorney General John Quigley

Serial killer And Mass Murderer Legislation To Be Introduced Into State Parliament

Victor P Taffa

  • Sentence Administration Amendment (Multiple Murderers) Bill 2018 to be introduced into Parliament
  • Attorney General during their term of appointment will be able to direct that mass murderers and serial killers must not be considered for parole or a re-socialisation program
  • Key election commitment intended to limit trauma to survivors, family and friends of murder victims

New laws enabling the Attorney General to issue a direction to suspend the Prisoners Review Board’s statutory reporting functions in respect of prisoners serving terms for serial killings or mass murders will be introduced into State Parliament today.


“Prior to the March 2017 State election, Western Australia Labor pledged to reform Western Australia’s parole laws to ensure that serial killers and mass murderers would not be considered for parole.” Premier Mark McGowan said.

Attorneys General of successive governments have consistently made public declarations that certain prisoners will not be released during that Attorney’s term of appointment.

“In 2016, an online petition started by Kate Moir calling for reform to parole laws received more than 41,000 signatures.” Attorney General John Quigley said.

“Ms. Moir is the survivor of the serious violent crimes, including 4 murders, committed by David and Catherine Birnie.”

However, these public declarations have had no impact as the Prisoners Review Board is required under legislation to consider whether the prisoner should be released.

WA Attorney General John Quigley








Proposed legislation will provide the Attorney General with the ability to give legal effect to those public declarations in respect to mass murderers and serial killers, being those who commit 3 or more murders on the same day or two or more murders on separate days, respectively.