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Victoria Nationals Leader Peter Ryan

Coalition To Activate Mildura’s Riverfront Vision

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition will open Mildura to the Murray River by activating ‘the people’s vision’ of a world class riverfront and marina development that includes vibrant parklands, boardwalks, restaurants and a state-of-the-art conference centre.

Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan today announced a major $14.5 Million Economic Development package to start construction work on Mildura’s Riverfront Master Plan and support the private development of a 300 seat Dockside Conference Centre and resort at the marina.

Mr. Ryan said the injection of funds would start the award-winning community vision by connecting the city to the river and leveraging private investment to build the residential, retail and commercial areas in the Masterplan.


“Under a Coalition Government, Mildura will become a tourism and economic development focal point of Victoria with the riverfront and marina developments to receive ‘Project of State Significance’ status to drive progress.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Funding will also be delivered to provide Mildura with a first class gateway to the city with a major investment towards the upgrade of Mildura’s Airport Terminal.”

The Coalition’s Package Includes Six Key Actions:

1. Recognise the importance of the Riverfront and Marina Development to Regional Victoria by declaring it a ‘Project of State Significance’.

2. Invest $500,000 to establish the Mildura Riverfront Authority to drive progress and promotion of the project and make Mildura’s vision a reality.

3. Provide $10 Million towards opening Mildura to the Riverfront and start constructing the Riverfront Parklands, Jetties, Boardwalks and Cafe, including:

  • $5 Million to construct the Langtree Avenue connection from Feast Street to the River, creating safe and easy access.
  • $5 Million to commence work on the River Park component of the Riverfront Masterplan, including starting work on Parklands, Boardwalks, Jetties, Landscaping, Water Features and Waterfront Cafes.

4. Up to $1 Million in Practical Assistance to support the Private Construction of a 300 Seat State-Of-The-Art Dockside Conference Centre and Resort at Mildura Marina.

5. $3 Million towards upgrading the Mildura Airport Passenger Terminal to develop a world class gateway to the City and accommodate the expected future growth in Passenger numbers.

6. Lobby for additional funding from the Commonwealth Government for progressing further stages of the development.

Peter Crisp Mildura MLA

Peter Crisp Mildura MLA







Member for Mildura Peter Crisp said the Mildura Rural City Council and the people of Mildura had put enormous work into the riverfront masterplan to create a popular vision for Mildura’s future that will expand tourism, business opportunities and employment.

“The award-winning plan provides a community riverfront that faces Mildura to the river and provides a family-friendly environment for tourists from Australia and internationally.” Mr. Crisp said.

“Mildura deserves to be known worldwide as a first class riverfront destination of fine food, wine, accommodation and lifestyle.” Mr. Crisp said.

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