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Federal Election Polling Day Saturday 18 May 2019

Swings Against Labor Across The Nation

Victor P Taffa

Liberal/National Coalition Government led by Liberal Party Leader Scott Morrison and National Party Leader Michael McCormack have been returned to office in what is likely to be Majority Government.

National Party led by Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack has held onto their 10 seats from the 2016 Federal Election result.

Pre-Poll votes are still being counted however most are likely to favour the Coalition.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was unfortunately defeated by a vicious campaign in his seat of Warringah.

Labor and their leader Bill Shorten thought that they had a great campaign. However, they completely misread the mood of the public.

Jobs and the Adani Coal Mine is why the State of Queensland stayed with the Coalition.

Greens and Labor in Melbourne trying to tell North Queensland what was good for them with the Adani Coal Mine failed completely.

Labor in Queensland went backwards. Of the 30 seats in Queensland, Labor are ahead in 6 seats with counting not finalised.

Labor gained no seats in Western Australia and likely to lose 2 seats in Tasmania.

Labor lost 2 seats from the 2016 Federal Election and only in the Australian Capital Territory where a new seat was created could Labor claim a gain.

Labor Policies on Superannuation, Franking Credits and Negative Gearing failed with older people and anyone in general who cares about their future.

Australian Electoral Commission is continuing to count votes however a brief run down of some key results are as follows:

Division of McMahon

Division of McMahon in Sydney’s western suburbs is held by Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen.

Chris Bowen is a decent person yet according to the Australian Electoral Commission the swing against Chris Bowen is currently 5.20%.

Given his policies on Superannuation and Franking Credits the best place that either Anthony Albanese or Tanya Plibersek can place Chris Bowen is on the Back Bench.

Labor voters deserted Chris Bowen in their droves and some people are scratching their heads as to why Labor lost the Federal Election.

Chris Bowen is reported by other media outlets as wanting to contest the Labor Leadership following the resignation of Bill Shorten. Chris Bowen as Labor Leader will simply keep Labor in opposition for many years to come.

Every government needs a strong opposition and Chris Bowen as Labor Leader will only seek to remind Australia of the policies that he created which were going to take away the wealth of hard-working Australians especially from those in his own seat.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack









Makeup Of The House Of Representatives:

Size of the House of Representatives has increased from 150 seats to 151 seats with the Australian Capital Territory gaining 1 new seat. South Australia lost a seat due to population changes.

76 seats are required for a party to form Majority Government.

Australian Electoral Commission has not formally declared results as Pre-Poll and Postal votes are still being counted.

Seats likely to be won by Greens, Centre Alliance, Katter’s Australian Party and Independents are as follows:

Greens Party

  • Melbourne

Centre Alliance Party

  • Mayo

Katter’s Australian Party

  • Kennedy


Denison was renamed as the seat of Clark.

  • Clark,
  • Indi,
  • Warringah.

Seats currently close are as follows:

  • Bass,
  • Chisholm,
  • Macquarie.

Makeup of the House of Representatives according to the Australian Electoral Commission are as follows:

Liberal National Party of Queensland2123
National Party1010
Coalition Total7678
Australian Labor Party6967
The Greens11
Nick Xenophon Team10
Centre Alliance01
Katter’s Australian Party11
Total Number Of Members150151


Explanatory Note:

Coalition refers to a coalition of the Liberal and National Parties. However, in Queensland the Liberal and National Parties merged and are known as the Liberal National Party.

Nick Xenophon Team has changed its name to Centre Alliance.

State/Territory House Of Representatives Seat Make Up

House of Representatives seats from each State and Territory are as follows:

New South Wales4747
Western Australia1616
South Australia1110
Australian Capital Territory23
Northern Territory22
Total Seats150151


Forms Of Voting

Some people argue for electronic voting in Australia. However, this is fraught with prospects of electoral interference given that people hack websites.

Postal Votes are for people who cannot get to a Polling Place or who are going away. Electronic Voting will disenfranchise people.

Pre-Poll Voting is for people who cannot vote on Election Day. Electronic Voting is fraught with prospects of electoral interference.

Unlike other online requirements, Public Elections are held only every 3 or 4 years and determines who will govern a Territory, State or Federal Government.

No system is perfect but at least Ballot Papers can be stored and referred back to for a period of time after the election. Electronic Voting is not foolproof and cannot be publicly scrutinised by numerous political candidate scrutineers.

Health of a democracy requires numerous political candidate scrutineers.


LIB                 Liberal Party

LNP                Liberal National Party of Queensland

NAT                National Party

ALP                Australian Labor Party

GRN               Greens Party

KAP                Katter’s Australian Party

NXT                Nick Xenophon Team

CEN                Centre Alliance

IND                 Independent


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