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Petros Messinios of Minerva Catering has been very busy lately as he goes about building a Catering Company to be proud of.

Established in August 2011 Petros employs a small but dedicated band of professionals who are all suitably qualified in their field.


Minerva Catering is named after the temple Sulis Minerva which was constructed for the Greek goddess Athena.

“I lived in Bath, England for many years and I was inspired by the Minerva name.” Mr. Messinios said.

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“Minerva is a common business name in Greece.” Mr. Messinios added.

Minerva thus became the name of the company that has its base in Revesby, Sydney. Minerva Catering can be contacted on 0424 203 783

“Apart from being contracted with the Catholic Education Office to do their functions we also do Weddings, Christenings, Family Gatherings, Melbourne Cup regardless of whether it is weekdays or weekends.” Mr. Messinios said.

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Functions vary in size from 20 up to 1,200.

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“We always put the same attention to detail regardless of size of function. We’ve done dinner parties for 300 people.”Mr. Messinios said.

Preparation depends on the numbers attending. A month’s notice is normally required for a large function.

Minerva Catering does not just provide the food. The tables are decorated by Mr. Messinios’ team and sometimes the whole area is decorated by Minerva Catering.

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“We provide the best food, creativity, imagination and more than just food.”Mr. Messinios said.

This aspect of Minerva Catering is very important as the marketplace is very competitive.

Minerva Catering will launch a website towards the end of March. This will tie in with the busy Easter Period.

“A starting point to launch a busy career.”Mr. Messinios said.

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Minerva Catering Mob No: 0424 203 783


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