More Safety Flashing Signs For Schools

More Safety Flashing Signs For Schools

Western Australia Minister for Transport Troy Buswell

Flashing 40 km/h Signs Boost Safety At Schools

Victor P Taffa

  • 61 more schools receive electronic flashing lights to highlight 40 km/h zones
  • Funding doubled for 2012-13, with 143 school zones now included in program

An additional 61 school zones will receive electronic flashing speed zone signs this financial year, Transport Minister Troy Buswell announced today.

As children arrived back at school this week for the final term of the year, Mr Buswell revealed the rate of installation of the special signs designed to alert drivers to impending 40 km/h zones would be doubled this year.

The program would now reach 140 school zones across Western Australia.

“The State Government recognises these signs can dramatically improve driver awareness of 40 km/h speed zones near schools,” Mr Buswell said.

“We are keen to see an increase in the rate of installation so more children can benefit. This boost to the flashing lights program has been made possible by the allocation of $2.5 Million in 2012-13 from the Road Trauma Trust Account.

“The rate of installation will be doubled from the 30 sites with these signs installed last year.

“This Government decided all red light and speed camera collections would go into the Road Trauma Trust Account, and we are using it to deliver increased safety for children.

“Our Government has placed a strong focus on road safety and the introduction of the flashing school zone signs has been positively received by pedestrians, as well as motorists approaching reduced speed school zone areas.”

“With more than 530 school zones in the metropolitan area alone, it is not possible to install the signs at all schools in the short term. Accordingly, priority is being given to those locations which experience the greatest potential hazards.”

Fact File

  • Solar-powered electronic, flashing school zone signs rolled out to improve safety
  • 40 km/h School Zones operate on school days from 7.30 am-9 am and 2.30 pm-4 pm
  • Electronic signs linked remotely to Main Roads Traffic Operations Centre
  • Able to self-report faults
  • Typical cost to treat a School Zone is about $40,000