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Victoria Deputy Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan

New Railway Stations Protected By PSOs

Victor P Taffa

Five more railway stations will receive new deployments of Protective Services Officers (PSOs) today, Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan has announced.

Mr Ryan met with the PSOs deployed to Carrum railway station today as others were also deployed at

  • St. Albans,
  • Coburg,
  • Berwick,
  • Cranbourne Railway Stations.

“It’s fantastic to welcome the latest deployment of highly trained PSO recruits as they take up the rewarding role of protecting commuters across the rail network.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The PSOs are ready to take up the challenge of improving public safety after extensive training, which includes working through real-life scenarios they may face any night on duty.”

“This includes weapons training, conflict resolution, dealing with vulnerable people and people in a drunk or drug-affected state, plus initial exposure to the job under the supervision of Victorian Transit Police.” Mr. Ryan said.

The 12-week PSO training course includes the same level of Operational Tactics and Safety Training as Police, including the same firearms and defensive skills training.

Mr. Ryan said PSOs were already making a big difference on the rail network, making arrests, detecting bail breaches, identifying outstanding warrants, and issuing infringement notices for a range of offences.

“These officers also help protect others through their powers to detain offenders when their behaviour threatens other members of the public.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Most importantly, PSOs make commuters feel safer and make Melbourne’s railway stations a safer place to be at night.”

“The Victorian Coalition Government has allocated $212 Million to recruit, train and deploy PSOs at every metropolitan railway station as well as four major regional centres, every night.

“Now we have 235 PSOs tackling crime on the rail network. We have committed to increase that to 940 by November 2014, along with a further 1,700 frontline Police.” Mr. Ryan said.


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