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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

Acting In The Interests Of Alice Springs

Victor P Taffa

A Country Liberals Government would put an extra 20 Police on the beat in Alice Springs as a first step in dealing with the Town’s unacceptably high Crime Rate.

“I’m well aware that the people of Alice Springs have had enough of the violence, the vandalism and general lawlessness of a hardcore of criminals.” Terry Mills, Leader of the Opposition said today.

“The rate of violent crime in Alice Springs has increased by 85% since 2004.”

“Having more Police available to get to more crime scenes as fast as possible is essential if we are going to reduce crime in Alice.” Mr. Mills said.

“That said, simply having more Police on the beat will have limited effect if other measures aren’t put in place.”

“Our courts need to send a clear and unambiguous message through the sentences they impose that criminal behaviour, particularly by repeat offenders, won’t be tolerated.”

“We also need to undertake real rehabilitation for offenders sentenced to corrective institutions in the NT.” Mr. Mills said.

“The Territory has the highest rate of repeat offending in Australia to go with the highest rates of crime in the country.”

“We have to break the cycle that sees offenders going in and out of our Prisons like yo-yos.”

“A prison farm environment where prisoners drug and alcohol problems are treated whilst they learn the routines of getting up and going to work or school each day is long overdue.” Mr. Mills said.

“The Country Liberals would also establish a real boot camp for young offenders. We need to drag kids away from crime as early and decisively as possible. A tough boot camp must be part of a range of responses we have available to change the behaviour of young offenders.”

“We have also noted the demise of Neighbourhood Watch in Alice Springs. A Country Liberals government will invest in a full time coordinator to revive Neighbourhood Watch. The community has a constructive role to play in tackling crime and Neighbourhood Watch encourages that participation.” Mr. Mills said.

“I note that the Chief Minister was in town last week offering Labor’s candidate an increased salary package should the people of Alice Springs vote for him on the 9th of October.”

“It’s a great shame the Chief Minister wasn’t in Alice Springs proposing improvements for the people of Alice.”

“The people of Alice Springs have grown tired of the neglect shown by Labor.” Mr. Mills said.

“It’s now almost 10 years since Labor came to office and the people of Alice Springs have very little to show from that decade of neglect.”

“It’s unfair but the people of Alice Springs will have to wait for a change of Government before they will get a fair go.”

“A Country Liberals Government will deliver that fair go.” Mr. Mills said.


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