More Police As Promised

More Police As Promised

Acting Victoria Premier Peter Ryan

Victoria Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan

275 Extra Police To Help Keep Victorians Safe

Victor P Taffa

An additional 275 frontline Police will be allocated across Victoria by 30 June in another major boost to the state’s Police resources.

Acting Premier and Minister for Police and Emergency Services Peter Ryan said the latest allocation announced by Victoria Police today would support the force’s ongoing efforts to fight crime and anti-social behaviour in our community.

Mr. Ryan said additional Police would be allocated to 21 divisions across four Police regions.

“North West Metro will get 74 additional Police, Southern Metro will get 63, Western region will be allocated 55 and Eastern region will get an additional 47 Police officers.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The biggest boost will go to the division covering Frankston and Mornington Peninsula with an allocation of 29; Western region’s Division 3 (Ballarat and Moorabool) will receive 22 and Southern Metro region’s Division 3 (Cardinia, Casey and Greater Dandenong) will get 21.”

“Divisional Superintendents will have responsibility for determining which areas and stations within their division will receive the additional resources.”

“Victoria Police is best placed to make decisions about where additional Police should be allocated and this system allows them the flexibility within each division to move police to where they are needed most.”

Mr. Ryan said today’s allocation would also include four Regional Inspectors as well as supervisors and specialist roles such as highway patrol members.

“The volume of recruits coming through the Academy has enabled Victoria Police to create new supervisor and specialist positions across its Policing regions that will support, mentor and guide Police coming through the system.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The allocation of 275 extra Police is another important step towards improving community safety and delivering on the Government’s promise to provide 1,700 additional frontline Police by November 2014.”

“By mid-2012 an additional 850 frontline Police will have been allocated across Victoria since the Coalition took office in November 2010.”