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Victoria Minister for Sport and Recreation Hugh Delahunty

VICSWIM 2013 Saves Even More Young Lives

Victor P Taffa

A record 7,200 kids put on their swim gear to learn how to swim during January’s VICSWIM Summer Kidz Program, exceeding last year’s participation rate by 40 %.

Minister for Sport and Recreation Hugh Delahunty joined CEO of Aquatics and Recreation Victoria Ian Swan at Ivanhoe Aquatic and Fitness Centre today to celebrate the boost in participation numbers delivered by the learn-to-swim program funded with $1.6 Million by the Victorian Coalition Government.

“The Coalition Government is proud to support the learn-to-swim VICSWIM Summer Kidz Program as they teach younger children important water safety skills, and make swimming a fun exercise.” Mr. Delahunty said.

“That’s why it’s fantastic to see even more families throughout the State, especially those from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, take up the opportunity to teach their kids how to swim. It shows just how important this issue is in all our communities.”

“Through the program, kids not only learn survival skills in and around water, but they also get the chance to make new friends, as well as boost their health by getting more active more often.”

Mr. Delahunty said, in 2010 the Coalition Government provided $1.6 Million over four years towards the VICSWIM Summer Kidz Program.

“More than 12,000 children have so far participated in the program, which offers subsidised swimming lessons and significantly reduces the cost for participants in learn-to-swim classes.” Mr. Delahunty said.

“Congratulations to Aquatics and Recreation Victoria for managing the successful learn-to swim program and thanks to the 120 venues across Victoria who took on an extra 2,200 kids this year to accommodate the community demand.”

“We are extremely proud of this program because it not only goes a long way towards saving lives but ensures as many children as possible have fair and equitable access when it comes to learning how to swim in their local area.” Mr. Delahunty said.


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