More Housing For People With Disability

More Housing For People With Disability

Western Australia Minister for Mental Health Helen Morton

State Budget 2011-12

Supporting our Community More Housing For People With Disability

Victor P Taffa

The State Government will provide more accessible housing by spending $95.7 Million on building 169 homes for 340 people with disabilities in the next three years.

Funded through the Department of Housing, $43.5 Million in 2011-12 will build or buy 83 homes for 167 people with a disability who have high support needs; $37.8 Million on 58 homes for 114 people with a disability in 2012-13 and $14.4 Million on 28 homes for 59 with a disability people in 2013-14.

In addition, $18.7 Million in the same period will provide accommodation support services for people with disabilities so they can experience the independence of living in their own home and provide peace of mind to their family and friends.

Disability Services Minister Helen Morton said the funding supported the State’s Count Me In: Disability Future Directions strategy that all people live in communities which facilitate citizenship, friendship, mutual support and a fair go for everyone.

“Every Western Australian has the right to live as independently as possible. Developing safe, accessible housing means people with disabilities can live in the community throughout their lives.” Mrs. Morton said.

“This enables them to enjoy the security and comfort of living in their own home, as well as providing them with greater access to local community life.”

The Minister said the support funding gave people with disabilities the opportunity to live in their own homes with support services tailored to meet their individual needs.

“The State Government is pleased to make this significant investment in safe, accessible housing while giving people the opportunity for greater independence.” Mrs. Morton said.

In Sydney Ryde Community Mental Health want to maintain control over a person’s life and watch a person consume medication.

These very same dopey employees at no stage put in recommendations to New South Wales Minister for Health Jillian Skinner about how to improve Mental Health.

There is at NO stage an improvement to the medication for those with mental illness or how medical research by Neurologists is improving the prospects for advances in mental health.

The only people that have their freedom taken away in society are those who have committed a crime and then go to jail.

People with a mental illness are incarcerated in prison like conditions and it is shameful that people with a mental illness are on a par with criminals in a jail.

Editor Victor P Taffa makes NO apologies for supporting Railway and Tramway Expansion or High-Speed Rail and only is concerned for the advancement of what is good for Australia’s National Interest.