Monument To Abused And Neglected Western Australians Unveiled

Monument To Abused And Neglected Western Australians Unveiled

Western Australia Minister for Child Protection Robyn McSweeney

Memorial Unveiled To Western Australia’s Forgotten Australians

Victor P Taffa

Child Protection Minister Robyn McSweeney and Governor of Western Australia, His Excellency, Dr. Ken Michael AC, will today unveil the State’s First Official Monument to Western Australia’s Forgotten Australians.

The Unveiling of the monument in Northbridge symbolises the formal acknowledgement of abuse and neglect suffered by many care leavers in State Care.

“Today’s event is an acknowledgement of the neglect and suffering experienced during the last century by thousands of West Australians, who spent their Childhood or Adolescence in out-of-home care.” Mrs. McSweeney said.

“It also recognises the subsequent significant contribution these people made to the community despite their Childhood Hardships.”



“During the last century, more than 56,000 West Australians through no fault of their own found themselves in orphanages, hostels or other out-of-home care. Sadly, in many cases, the care they received fell short in providing a safe and nurturing environment, leaving many with physical and emotional scars.” Mrs. McSweeney said.

“Today’s event is part of this process. By acknowledging the past, we also recognise those who overcame adversity.”

Jointly funded by the Western Australian and Federal Governments, the Memorial was created by Local Artist Judith Forrest, in collaboration with Author Terri-ann White.

“I urge those who come to view this memorial to take the time to reflect on the many Forgotten Australians who were left vulnerable and alone.” the Minister said.

“To the Forgotten Australians you are not alone. You have a community ready to understand and support you as you continue to heal and grow.” Mrs. McSweeney said.