MMRA To Oversee Ballarat Line Upgrade

MMRA To Oversee Ballarat Line Upgrade

Victoria Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

Ballarat Line Upgrade To Be Delivered By Australia’s Best

Victor P Taffa

Melbourne Metro Rail Authority overseeing Australia’s biggest public transport project, the Metro Tunnel, will now also deliver the Andrews Government’s transformation of the Ballarat line.


“Melbourne Metro Rail Authority is delivering the biggest public transport project in Melbourne, and it will now deliver the biggest project in regional Victoria as well.” Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan said.

Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan announced today that a dedicated project team within Melbourne Metro Rail Authority (MMRA) will officially oversee the $518 Million Ballarat Line Upgrade.

MMRA has some of Australia’s most experienced rail experts and is perfectly placed to deliver the upgrade, which includes duplication of the line between Deer Park and Melton to run to more frequent and reliable services to Melbourne’s outer western suburbs, Melton, Bacchus Marsh, Ballan and Ballarat.

MMRA is also well placed to deliver the project as the Metro Tunnel and duplication from Deer Park will enable future electrification of the line to Melton creating a brand new metropolitan train line into the city.

“You can’t electrify to Melton and run more services to the western suburbs and regions without building the Metro Tunnel and duplicating the line, that’s why we’re not wasting a minute and getting it done.”

Currently, there is no space on the metropolitan network to run more trains. The Metro Tunnel will create space in the city loop to run more services more often, and a duplicated line will allow for extra services from Deer Park to Melton.

VIC MInister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

VIC MInister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan









Together, these projects will make electrification to Melton possible, which is why the same expert body Melbourne Metro Rail Authority will deliver them both.

“MMRA has the experience and expertise to deliver these projects and more frequent, reliable trains to Bacchus Marsh, Ballan and Ballarat.” Member for Buninyong Geoff Howard said.

Ballarat Line Upgrade will also duplicate a 3 kilometre section of single track west of Warrenheip, build new crossing loops and create new train stabling to support more frequent, reliable services through Melbourne’s west and communities along the Ballarat line.

“This is wonderful news for the Ballarat Line Upgrade, which will deliver more frequent, reliable trains, building on the new carriages and services we’ve already delivered for Ballarat commuters.” Member for Wendouree Sharon Knight said.

There will also be second platforms at Bacchus Marsh and Ballan stations, and the existing platforms at Rockbank Station will be extended so passengers can use each carriage to get on or off the train.


Sets of Points and Cross-Over Tracks adds flexibility to a Rail Network

Sets of Points adds flexibility to a Rail Network










Sets Of Points And Cross-Over Tracks

Sets of Points enable trains to go onto different tracks and lines. Sets of Points ads flexibility into a rail network. Sets of Points will enhance the performance of all rail lines including the City Loop and new City Line.

Unless new lines have Sets of Points you end up with Network Strangulation which is what the current system has.

Where trains simply shunts backwards and forwards on the same line that feeds into a network does not provide the system with any flexibility. Where trains do this delays occur and they simply compound problems as trains have nowhere to go.

Cross-Over Tracks allows trains to cross from one track to another which also provides flexibility in the rail network when terminating services or getting around a service disruption.

Rigid railway lines without Sets Of Points and Cross-Over Tracks does not give a rail network any ability to overcome service delays and simply compounds problems for commuters.