Ministers Feud On The Floor Of The Parliament

Ministers Feud On The Floor Of The Parliament

South Australia Shadow Minister for Regional Development Steven Griffiths

Labor Turns RDIF Into Regional Dithering Infrastructure Fund

Victor P Taffa

Eight years of Labor is enough to turn the once Beacon of Regional Development the Regional Development Infrastructure Fund (RDIF) into the Regional Dithering Infrastructure Fund.

Steven Griffiths, Shadow Minister for Regional Development made the claim today after Labor’s Springfield-based Regional Development Minister, Michael O’Brien, announced RDIF “enhancements” which are nothing more than mere paper shuffling.

“Instead of taking the bull by the horns and announcing a comprehensive review of the entire scheme for the betterment of regional South Australians, Mr. O’Brien has only tinkered at the edges of the administrative guidelines.” Mr. Griffiths said.

At the 2010 Election, the State Liberals announced it would quarantine 25 % of the  for regional development and infrastructure.  This would have injected an extra $40 Million into South Australian Regions in its first year.

“Instead, Minister O’Brien has confirmed RDIF will continue at its current paltry level of $3 Million p.a. or $1.5 Million less than its annual 1999 level!”

“Minister O’Brien has refused to review the funding level because there is no money in the bank and that really is an indictment of embattled Treasurer Kevin Foley’s financial mismanagement.” Mr. Griffiths said.

“Minister O’Brien’s swipe at the Treasurer’s competence will ensure the feud between the two, which reached the Floor of Parliament and a reported Public Showdown at Labor’s State Conference two weeks ago, will continue.”

“Our 2010 Election Policy was far superior and would have made a real difference to the lives of regional South Australians but because Minister O’Brien has refused to stand up to Mr. Foley, regional South Australians have to settle for a mediocre scheme which is dithering rather than developing.” Mr. Griffiths said.

“The State Liberals established the RDIF and are proud of the work it has done to date but lament what could have been if regional South Australians were treated with the respect they deserve and RDIF was taken seriously.”

“The scheme will continue to dither because this city-centric Rann Government would rather argue amongst them than govern for all of South Australia.” Mr. Griffiths said.