Minister Welcomes In New Transport Senior Network Officers

Minister Welcomes In New Transport Senior Network Officers

Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads Scott Emerson

Security Boost For Christmas

Victor P Taffa

Passengers will be safer when travelling across the south-east Queensland public transport network this Christmas with seven new Senior Network Officers set to graduate this month.

Transport Minister Scott Emerson said the new recruits would bring the force to 59 officers in time for the busy festive season.






“The Newman Government has a strong plan to make Queensland the safest place to live, travel and raise a family.” Mr. Emerson said.

“The new Senior Network Officer team will graduate on 18 December helping to make public transport safer for both passengers and staff.”

“The latest recruits are part of our recent promise to deliver 18 additional officers, bringing the total team to 70 by mid-2015.”

Mr. Emerson said the new officers would play a key role in efforts to curb anti-social behaviour and reduce fare evasion.

“TransLink teams work closely with operators, the police and private security officers to tackle anti-social behaviour on the public transport network.” Mr. Emerson said.

“While Labor has no plans to improve the safety of the network, we have taken a proactive approach to targeting anti-social behaviour.”

“Our policies are delivering results, which have seen a 23 % reduction in assaults on bus drivers across south-east Queensland and a 50 % decrease on the Gold Coast compared to the previous Labor government.”

“We still know there’s more to be done so we’re continuously increasing the number of Senior Network Officers and conducting blitzes on the network.” Mr. Emerson said.

Before graduating, all Senior Network Officers have to undertake an intensive eight-week course, which covers legislative powers, tactical and physical training, and conflict management. They also undergo criminal history checks, psychometric testing, and a medical examination.