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New South Wales Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall

New South Wales Minister for Western New South Wales Adam Marshall

Farmers Feeling The Sting Of Drought

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Agriculture and Western New South Wales Adam Marshall has today said more must be done to support farmers through one of the worst droughts in living memory.

Minister Marshall said this after travelling hundreds of kilometres and visiting country towns from Broken Hill to Walgett on an official drought listening tour.

“Over the past week I’ve travelled around the State talking to country communities and farmers who’ve been doing it tough battling one of the worst droughts New South Wales has ever seen.” Minister Marshall said.

“My takeaway from this week has been simple: it’s time for more support.”

“While the sheer resilience and determination of our farmers has stood out to me on this trip, the unrelenting drought is taking its toll.” Minister Marshall said.

“Farmers are once again faced with tough decisions just to get through the year while rural townships are also confronting a drop in economic activity, with many local businesses struggling to stay afloat.”

“New South Wales Government has already provided $1.5 Billion in drought support measures, which has allowed many farmers to purchase fodder and make on-farm improvements to drought-proof their property.” Minister Marshall said.

“Many of the farmers I visited this week have benefitted from these measures and said they’ve provided some much-needed reprieve.”

“As drought conditions persist there is a need for the New South Wales Government to step in and do more. That’s why I’ll be working with the Premier, Deputy Premier and other relevant ministers to urgently deliver a new round of drought assistance measures.”

“When our farmers and country communities hurt, we all hurt. It’s time to redouble our efforts and stand shoulder to shoulder with our farmers.” Minister Marshall said.


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