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Tasmania Shadow Minister for Forestry Peter Gutwein

Green By Name, Green By Nature

Victor P Taffa

Forestry Minister Bryan Green must stop talking down and trashing Tasmania’s forest industry for his own political ends, Shadow Minister for Forestry Peter Gutwein said.

“With his talk today in the Examiner of a “scaled back” forest industry that works off a “lower base” and a “transition” to plantations, Mr. Green sounds like he’s channelling cabinet colleague Nick McKim.”

“It looks to be a bizarre case of Stockholm Syndrome which has lead to him being Green by name, Green by nature!” Mr. Gutwein said.

“In addition, Mr. Green’s reported comments today that the only way to save the industry is the disastrous, job-destroying IGA are blatantly wrong.”

“After meeting with buyers in Singapore, Mr. Hodgman has already reported that Chinese buyers are not in any way positively influenced by the IGA.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“They just want as much wood as possible at the best possible price, and locking up half our remaining forests won’t make our remaining wood any cheaper, and will mean we actually have less wood to supply them.”

“Mr. Green is also living in fantasy land if he thinks that locking up half of our forests as proposed under the IGA will stop the Green and ENGO market attacks in Japan; or somehow gets the Greens and ENGOs to support the pulp mill.” Mr. Gutwein said.

“Unsurprisingly, even so-called “moderate” round table participants such as Environment Tasmania have made it clear they will continue to oppose the pulp mill even if they get everything they want out of the IGA.”

“In contrast, the Liberals have a plan to grow our native forest industry, to grow jobs; and we remain the strongest and most consistent supporters of the pulp mill.” Mr. Gutwein said.


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