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Western Australia Minister for Corrective Services Murray Cowper

Terms Of Reference For Banksia Hill Inquiry

Victor P Taffa

Corrective Services Minister Murray Cowper today released the terms of reference for the independent inquiry into last Sunday’s incident at Banksia Hill Detention Centre.

As provided by section 17 (2)(b) of the Inspector of Custodial Services Act, the Minister has directed the Inspector of Custodial Services to carry out a full investigation into all aspects of the incident, including:

  • Context of the incident
  • Facts of any contributing/causal factors
  • Security and integrity of the cells
  • Security systems and infrastructure
  • Security practices and protocols for all staff
  • Adequacy of crisis/emergency management planning and crisis/emergency management response
  • Temporary housing of juvenile detainees at Hakea Prison
  • To report to Parliament on the findings at the conclusion of the review.

“I have also asked the inspector to review staffing levels at the facility and report on the management of the incident and its impact on staff.” Mr. Cowper said.

“Let me assure the public and the staff at Banksia Hill Detention Centre that I take this incident very seriously.”

“There are currently three separate inquiries under way and while I won’t pre-empt the results of those investigations, I will ensure that all required resources are provided to mitigate against an incident like this occurring again.”

“Having visited the Banksia Hill Detention Centre on Tuesday morning, I not only saw the physical destruction these juvenile offenders caused, but the impact their behaviour has had on the morale of staff.”

“I can’t thank the officers enough for their aptitude in handling what was an alarming incident, and for their professionalism in picking up the pieces and continuing their hard work in what is, and will continue to be, a very difficult time in coming months.” Mr. Cowper said.


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