Minister Rejects Allegations

Minister Rejects Allegations

Victoria Minister for Agriculture and Food Security Peter Walsh

Statement Regarding G-MW Board Members

Victor P Taffa

Labor’s vitriolic attack on Sarah Scales is baseless and inflammatory.

In his 2006 findings on the Australian Wheat Board, Commissioner Terence Cole stated:

 “I found Ms Scales to be a frank and truthful witness” (p 288) and “I make no adverse findings against Ms. Scales.” (p.293).

The Commissioner found Ms. Scales had no case to answer in the UN oil-for-food programme:

“Ms. Scales’ main interest throughout the whole period was the interest of the pool and its wheat growers, and in particular in ensuring the maximisation of their returns.” (p 289)

Ms. Scales was cleared of any kind of wrongdoing, yet Jacinta Allan and the Labor Party are seeking to tarnish her reputation for their own political gain.

While in Government, Labor relied on tactics of abuse, smear and intimidation. Few have forgotten how senior Brumby Government ministers referred to north-south pipeline protesters as ‘liars’, ‘quasi-terrorists’ and ‘ugly, ugly people’.

This is cheap political point-scoring and I call on Jacinta Allan and the Labor Party to apologise to Ms. Scales.