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Victoria Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips

Green Telecommunications Research Centre Opens In Melbourne

Victor P Taffa

Alcatel-Lucent’s new Bell Labs Centre for Energy Efficient Telecommunications (CEET) Joint Venture with the University of Melbourne was officially opened today.

Technology Minister Gordon Rich-Phillips joined Bell Labs Global President Jeong Kim at the University of Melbourne this morning to open the centre.

“As the first facility of its kind in Australia, CEET will position the state as a hub for ICT research and a place for development and training in ICT and energy-efficient communications.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

“It is the first Bell Labs-related facility worldwide focusing exclusively on reducing energy consumed by ICT networks inspired by its global Green Touch Initiative.”

Mr. Rich-Phillips said CEET would be one of Australia’s top ICT research facilities, and would be run by the University of Melbourne in partnership with global technology leader Alcatel-Lucent’s research arm Bell Labs.

“CEET will create 22 new research roles, which will be filled by some of the best telecommunications researchers from Australia and around the world, with 11 PhD research roles to be created over the next three years.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

The global GreenTouch initiative’s members include Alcatel-Lucent’s innovation arm, Bell Labs, the University of Melbourne, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Huawei, Telefonica, AT&T, China Mobile and Freescale Semiconductor.

Mr. Rich-Phillips said CEET represents a valuable opportunity for Victoria with the significant step it takes toward green telecommunications.

“The Baillieu Government is committed to positioning Victoria not only as a globally competitive and sophisticated ICT market, but also as a desirable location from which to undertake cutting-edge ICT research and development.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

“Melbourne has the telecommunications capability and the skilled workforce needed by the world’s leading ICT companies for their significant research and development facilities.”Mr. Rich-Phillips said.


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