Minister Opens Operational Base For Security And Emergency Services Group

Minister Opens Operational Base For Security And Emergency Services Group

Victoria Minister for Corrections Gayle Tierney

New Base For Corrections’ Specialist Operations Staff

Victor P Taffa

Corrections Victoria’s specialist emergency response unit to have a new home at the Metropolitan Remand Centre.

Minister for Corrections Gayle Tierney officially opened the operational base for the Security and Emergency Services Group (SESG) today.

“We’re investing in our corrections system to keep Victorians safe.” Minister for Corrections Gayle Tierney said.


“Times have changed since 1980 when the Victorian Prison Dog Squad was created. That’s why we’re making sure the highly trained SESG have the best facilities and latest equipment to keep our prisons safe.”

Thanks to $4.6 Million from the Andrews Government, the hub includes

  • New kennel complex,
  • Office space,
  • Purpose-built carports for high-security vehicles,
  • State-of-the-art armoury,
  • Training rooms.

New fit-for-purpose building will support the important role the SESG plays, providing 24-hour rapid-response to emergencies and incidents across Victoria’s prisons.

“SESG officers provide an integral service in our prisons, responding to major incidents and conducting targeted operations across the state.” Assistant Commissioner for Security and Intelligence Melissa Westin said.

“Our staffs are very excited to move into their new building, which will be an operational base for up to 50 officers at any given time.”

The group are also responsible for:

  • Targeted searches of prisoner cells, common areas, visitors and prisoner mail
  • Correction Victoria’s canine contingent, including a number of dogs trained to sniff out contraband
  • High-security prisoner escorts and escorting prisoners interstate and overseas
  • Training Corrections Victoria’s officers in tactical operations and fire awareness

Corrections Victoria currently employs around 150 SESG staff across the state, up from 115 in 2015.