Minister Opens Beechworth Correctional Centre

Minister Opens Beechworth Correctional Centre

Victoria Minister for Corrections Andrew McIntosh

Prison Projects Bring Jobs To Regional Victoria

Victor P Taffa

Corrections Minister Andrew McIntosh today officially opened the $12.1 Million expansion at Beechworth Correctional Centre.

“The 40-bed expansion at Beechworth Correctional Centre has increased the capacity of this facility to hold 160 prisoners as well as providing a multi-purpose hall and multi-faith chapel.” Mr. McIntosh said.

“These types of projects create hundreds of regional jobs and allow the prison system to deal with projected increased demand. They also help boost local business both during and after construction.”

“In regional areas particularly, prisons are very much part of the community. People work here or they have friends and family who work in the prison.” Mr. McIntosh said.

Mr. McIntosh said prisons were a key part of the community, particularly in regional areas.

“Beechworth has developed strong relationships with its local community, helping out after bushfires and floods and supporting less fortunate members of the community with its bicycle recycling program and Prisoners on the Run charity.” Mr. McIntosh said.

The Beechworth Correctional Centre expansion is one of a range of building projects to expand Victoria’s prison system.

“In a matter of weeks, an 88-bed expansion at the Marngoneet Correctional Centre will also open and work is well underway on a 350-bed expansion at Ararat Prison.” Mr. McIntosh said.

Mr. McIntosh said the State Government was committed to modernising and expanding Victoria’s corrections system to build secure prisons and invest in rehabilitation programs, which reduce re-offending.

The 2011-12 State Budget included more than $35 Million to begin the rollout of the State Government’s commitment to provide 500 additional prison beds across the male prison system.

The Budget funding will be used to build 108 beds, 54 beds at Langi Kal Kal Prison and 54 beds at Dhurringile Prison.

“An extra $2 Million in funding will go towards developing a business case for the development of a new male prison.” Mr. McIntosh said.

Mr. McIntosh today also visited Community Correctional Services offices in Wangaratta and Wodonga to meet with staff and discuss local issues.