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Victoria Minister for Technology Gordon-Rich Phillips

Super Small Products To Help Patients And Farmers

Victor P Taffa

At first glance a mobile X-ray machine, a HIV diagnostic test and new agricultural products might not have much in common, but all three could bring new jobs and investment to Victoria.

Technology Minister Gordon-Rich Phillips has named the three projects as the latest recipients of funding under the Small Technologies Industry Uptake Program (STIUP).

The businesses developing these products will each receive goods, services, facilities or advice valued up to $250,000 as a result of the announcement.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is providing support for these innovative projects, all of which have the potential to create new jobs and investment in Victoria if they are successfully commercialised.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

“Projects like these are important because they demonstrate how Victorian businesses are constantly improving in order to be more competitive in a global arena.”

The three successful recipients of STIUP trial vouchers are:

  • Micro-X – to develop a mobile X-ray machine that can be brought to a hospital patient’s bedside, with potential new applications in veterinary and mobile medical fields. A new form of nano-carbon will be used to develop the X-ray tube.
  • Nufarm – to develop next-generation agriculture products with improved shelf-life, and lower production costs, using an advanced polymerisation process developed by CSIRO.
  • SeeD4 – to develop a rapid, low-cost diagnostic test that will allow for more efficient treatment and management of the HIV virus globally. A cartridge and reader will be developed to accurately test for CD4 cells, the biomarker cells that are used by doctors to decide when to begin treatment during HIV infection.

Mr. Rich-Phillips said the program gave Victorian businesses the opportunity to develop more efficient production techniques and new high-value products.

“There is keen interest within industry to adopt new technologies and boost productivity, particularly within the manufacturing sector.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

“So far around 70 feasibility, technical and trial vouchers, providing varying amounts of financial support, have been provided since the STIUP program began.”


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