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Victoria Minister for Education Martin Dixon

International Students Share Their Victorian Experiences

Victor P Taffa

Education Minister Martin Dixon today met a group of 13 students from China, Vietnam, Singapore and Germany who have studied in Victorian schools, including some who are continuing their further education at Victorian universities, to listen to their experiences.

“Overseas students studying here benefit from being part of a great education system and at the same time, their fellow students have the opportunity to learn about different cultures.” Mr. Dixon said.

“From my experiences as a principal, having a vibrant, diverse and multi-cultural student body is an asset for any school.”

Mr. Dixon also thanked principals, international student co-ordinators, teachers and students’ families for supporting Victoria’s International Student Program.


Alpha Wong, an international student from Hong Kong who undertook studies last year and who will continue on to Year 11 at Wellington Secondary College, said he had experienced a sense of belonging while studying in Victoria.

“People are kind to you and in Melbourne I have found a lot of cultures living together in harmony.” Mr. Wong said.

“There are a lot of opportunities to learn English here while being part of this multicultural society.”

In 2010, there were more than 3,800 International Students from 75 countries enrolled in 380 Primary and Secondary Victorian Government schools and more than 4,000 international students enrolled in Victorian independent and Catholic schools.

The school sector makes up 4% of the total number of international students in Victoria and most international students attending school in Australia come from China, Vietnam, Korea and Japan.

Mr. Dixon said the Coalition Government was undertaking a range of activities to promote Victoria as a destination of choice for international school students as well as strengthening Victoria’s competitiveness as a high-quality provider of Education Services.


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