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Queensland Minister for Arts Ros Bates

Museum Of Tropical Queensland Celebrates 25 Years

Victor P Taffa

Arts Minister Ros Bates today [2 July] congratulated the Museum of Tropical Queensland on its 25th anniversary as a landmark in the North Queensland community.

“Today I saw the collections of marine life and corals that have given the Museum its international reputation and met the scientists working behind the scenes.” Ms Bates said following her first official visit to the Museum.”

“The Museum has a fantastic coral collection more than 40,000 specimens from around the world that constitute the most important coral collection in the world and has achieved international recognition for its research.” Ms. Bates said.

The strength and renown of the coral collection has led to the Museum hosting some of the world’s leading corals experts at a forum in Townsville next week.

Ms. Bates said a special volume of the Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, featuring 59 scientific papers about the Museum’s world renowned corals collection published over the past 25 years, would be available from today.

“This publication includes the announcement of a new species of staghorn coral in the Arafura Sea discovered in 2006 and published this year by three Queensland Museum researchers (Dr. Carden Wallace, Dr. Paul Muir, Barbara Done).” Ms. Bates said.

“The Museum also showcases North Queensland’s connection with its past.”

“One example is the story of the mutineers from the infamous Bounty, preserved through the HMS Pandora collection that includes artefacts recovered from the wreck site of the ship sent to capture the Bounty and its mutinous sailors.”

More than 1.5 million visitors have visited the Museum during its 25 years. This financial year alone (1 July 2011- 30 June 2012) saw more than 100,000 visitors, representing the highest number recorded since the Museum first opened in 1987.

“Since opening, the Museum of Tropical Queensland has been awarded the North Queensland Tourism Award 14 times and has grown from its original site, which would fit into only a single gallery of its present building, to a multi-level museum of international stature.” Ms. Bates said.

“The Newman Government is committed to ensuring that all Queenslanders have access to arts.”

The Minister commended the Museum for securing partnerships with local government and corporate sponsors to deliver its services to the North Queensland region.


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