Minister Launches New Industry Engagement Framework

Minister Launches New Industry Engagement Framework

Victoria Minister for Training and Skills Steve Herbert

Industry Given A Clear Voice In Training

Victor P Taffa

The Andrews Government is giving Victorian industry a clearer voice in training, with the launch of a new approach to engaging industry and employers with Victoria’s training system.

Minister for Training and Skills Steve Herbert joined Victorian Skills Commissioner Neil Coulson this morning to launch the new Industry Engagement Framework.

The State Government has honoured its election commitment to support industry engagement by providing $14 Million in the Victorian Budget 2016/17 to fund 10 new Industry Advisory Groups (IAG’s), covering industries from construction to health.


The IAG’s will consist of industry, employers and union representatives who will advise the Skills Commissioner on matters including skill demand pressures in their respective sectors.

“This Government is making sure Victorian industry and employers have a greater say in the way our training system is run.” Minister for Training and Skills Steve Herbert said.

“The implementation of a new Industry Engagement Framework is critical to driving industry participation and ensuring the training system is aligned to real labour market demand.”

The State Government is working to reform the training system to place industry, employers and students first ensuring students gain the skills they need for real jobs, which will boost productivity and the economy.

Following broad consultation by the Skills Commissioner the new Framework will include regular and ongoing engagement with industry and is designed to be flexible and able to respond to changing training priorities and emerging issues.

The new Industry Engagement Framework provides a structured way for industry, unions and employers to inform and engage with the training system in Victoria.” Victorian Skills Commissioner Neil Coulson said.

“It will capture the best information about industry’s skills needs, enabling the Government to make important decisions around the training it funds.”

The new Framework will also include Regional Taskforces which will gather information and provide advice about the unique skills needs of regional Victoria.