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Victoria Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations Richard Dalla-Riva

Coalition, Industry And AFL Make Commitment To Indigenous Jobs

Victor P Taffa

The Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations Richard Dalla-Riva today officially launched the Aboriginal Industry-Based Employment program at Richmond Football Club.

Richmond Football Club is one of four industry sectors that have been funded by the Victorian Coalition Government to place Indigenous Victorians into employment, particularly in areas that are experiencing skill and labour shortages.

Mr. Dalla-Riva said that the Coalition Government was committed to furthering employment opportunities for Indigenous people, and was excited to partner with both Richmond Football Club and the wider AFL to help achieve results.

“The AFL has a long history of supporting Aboriginal initiatives, and I am extremely pleased that the Coalition Government was able to fund Richmond Football Club through the Tigers in the Community Foundation, to create programs that will specifically focus on improving the employment options for Aboriginal women.” Mr. Dalla-Riva said.

“Richmond will also work with the wider AFL community, including other clubs, sponsors and the corporate organisation, to ensure greater participation in the workforce for Aboriginal women in both traditional and non-traditional areas of employment.”

Mr. Dalla-Riva also announced funding for three other sectors to develop targeted programs to create Aboriginal employment opportunities, as well as funding for 50 Aboriginal jobseekers across Mildura and Wodonga.

“The Australian Retail Association, the Municipal Association of Victoria and the Victorian Transport Association have all received support from the Coalition Government to facilitate employment opportunities for Aboriginal Victorians across retail, freight and logistics and local government.”

“The Coalition Government also recognises that regional Victoria can play a significant role in furthering Aboriginal employment and we have funded the Mildura City Council and the Wodonga City Council to assist Aboriginal job seekers across those local communities.”

“These programs are evidence of a commitment from the Coalition Government, the AFL, the industry sector participants through their peak bodies and local government to ensure that Aboriginal Victorians are able to be provided with significant work opportunities across the state.”


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