Minister Keen For Community Feedback

Minister Keen For Community Feedback

Victoria Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Jeanette Powell

Coalition Honours Indigenous Victorians

Victor P Taffa

The Coalition Government has delivered yet another election commitment with the launch of a community discussion paper for the establishment of a Victorian Indigenous Honour Roll.

Premier Ted Baillieu launched the discussion paper during a Closing the Gap event at which he re-committed the Victorian Government to the Closing the Gap statement of intent.

“The establishment of the Indigenous Honour Roll is an example of Victoria leading the way in Aboriginal affairs.” Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Jeanette Powell said.

“The annual Indigenous Honour Roll, the first of its kind in Australia, is set to be a permanent record of indigenous Victorians’ contributions and achievements.


“The Government is keen to ensure that indigenous Victorians who have made a significant contribution to their community to the wider society are properly recognised.” Mrs. Powell said.

“I encourage the Aboriginal community, indeed the whole community, to let the Government know how they would like to see the Indigenous Honour Roll operate.”

“It is the intention of the Coalition Government that the Indigenous Honour Roll be a true reflection of community sentiment, which is why we have started this consultation process.”

“This initiative will truly be a partnership between the Victorian indigenous community, the Government and the wider community.” Mrs. Powell said.

Mrs. Powell said people could voice their opinions and ideas on questions such as:

  • What should be the criteria for nominations?
  • Should the Indigenous Honour Roll include a category for non-indigenous nominees?
  • Who should be included on the selection panel, for example a mix of indigenous and non-indigenous members?
  • Should Aboriginal women on the Victorian Women’s Honour Roll be automatically included?

The consultation process will run until 13 May 2011, with an announcement about the structure of the Indigenous Honour Roll later in May.

Indigenous Victorians can have their say by:

  • visiting the website:,
  • requesting an electronic feedback form by email,
  • picking up a form from their local indigenous broker.