Minister Hands Over 2 New Fire Trucks

Minister Hands Over 2 New Fire Trucks

New South Wales Minister for Emergency Services Troy Grant

From Horse-Drawn Carriages To The Latest Fire Fighting Appliances On Display

Victor P Taffa

Firefighters will be better equipped to respond to major rescue incidents, including: building collapses, heavy vehicle accidents and large animal emergencies, with the investment of 4 new technical rescue vehicles, each worth $1.2 Million.

Minister for Emergency Services Troy Grant handed over 2 of the new trucks to Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) crews recently at the Museum of Fire in Penrith.

“Around 100 years ago our firefighters battled blazes off the back of horse-drawn carts. Today these brand new trucks provide cutting-edge equipment enabling our firies to deal with high-pressure rescue incidents.” Minister Grant said.

“These highly specialised vehicles are the first of their kind in New South Wales and will increase the capacity of our firefighters to deal with some of the most difficult and dangerous rescue operations. They are a testament to the technological advancements fire rescue appliances have seen over the last century.

“New South Wales Liberals & Nationals Government is absolutely committed to providing our FRNSW crews with the resources they need to undertake their lifesaving work.”

$4.8 Million investment in new trucks will give firefighters access to:

  • Large hydraulic tools to conduct rescues at heavy vehicle accidents;
  • Specialised air trolley, rope rescue equipment and a stretcher for rescues in confined spaces;
  • Vehicle-mounted winch for complex vehicle rescues;
  • Portable LED lighting for rescue scenes;
  • Specialised equipment for rescuing large animals;
  • Quick-shades, with sides and gutters, to provide shelter and protection from the elements for patients and the medical team.

Once crews complete training:

  • 2 trucks will be delivered to Blacktown and Liverpool fire stations in February 2018,
  • 2 trucks will be delivered to Newcastle and Wollongong later in 2018.

Two Wheeled Horse Drawn Fire Fighting Carriage On Display At Penrith Museum Of Fire

NSW Minister for Emergency Services Troy Grant











Minister Grant said that the role of a modern firefighter is no longer just about fighting fires. Firefighters are trained, prepared and equipped to respond to all types of rescue incidents.

“Firefighting resources are deployed by Fire & Rescue NSW based on detailed risk assessments. These new trucks are being placed in strategic locations by FRNSW in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong to complement existing resources and enhance our response at major rescue incidents, fires, and other emergencies.” Minister Grant said.