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Victoria Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business Louise Asher

New Funding To Help Victorian Screen Businesses Deliver Content To Global Audiences

Victor P Taffa

Innovation, Services and Small Business Minister Louise Asher today announced new funding to help Victorian screen businesses deliver film, television and digital media content online.

Ms. Asher said Film Victoria’s new funding will help Victorian screen businesses capture greater benefits online and open up local content to wider audiences.


Screen Business Online will help Victorian screen businesses benefit from online distribution and upskill their businesses to take advantage of future digital platforms.” Ms. Asher said.

“This pioneering new initiative will support businesses in delivering content to the global market by providing access to funds to set up a sustainable online presence, as well as create, distribute and sell content online to enable a wider audience beyond the traditional screens of TV and cinema.”

Ms. Asher said Screen Business Online would increase screen businesses’ understanding of current and potential audiences, and how to market their projects online to engage those audiences.

“This will give our local companies access to larger audiences around the globe and will ultimately increase investment, export and jobs in Victoria’s Screen Industry.” Ms. Asher said.

A Grant of up to $10,000 is available for established film, TV or digital media companies to create or extend their presence online by developing web tools and strategies for their business, individual projects, slate of projects or back catalogue.

Types of activities supported through Screen Business Online include:

  • Search engine optimisation for businesses to capture key search terms on the internet;
  • Development of high end analytics to provide data on audience behaviour and location;
  • Development of distribution tools online, such as video on demand or aggregation tools;
  • Development of complementary mobile applications for a screen project;
  • Online distribution, such as licensing content to internet protocol television (IPTV) providers.

Film Victoria CEO Sandra Sdraulig said that Victorian practitioners produce award-winning, high quality screen content, and the more people that see local content, the better.

“We know that increasingly, global audiences are viewing screen content online and we’re helping local companies deliver in this environment.” Ms. Sdraulig said.

“This initiative will also result in improved websites social media engagement and use of analytics, all of which will help Victorian content reach global audiences.”


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