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Northern Territory Minister for Infrastructure Planning and Logistics Nicole Manison

Listening To The Community And Restoring Trust In Planning

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Nicole Manison today announced there will be no blanket dual occupancy policy in the Northern Territory.

Minister Mansion said the Territory Government promised to listen to the community and restore integrity to planning in the Northern Territory.  

In October 2016, an Interim Development Consent Order (IDCO) was placed over dual occupancy applications to enable further consultation to occur.


“This decision follows an independent consultation process with Territorians, which included one-on-one community meetings, peak industry and local government council workshops.” Minister Manison said.

“This is a government that listens, and residents in the older suburbs that would be most affected by these changes have expressed their views and we have heard loud and clear that the current dual occupancy arrangements do not meet the expectations of Territorians.”

“It is inevitable that from time to time we will still receive applications from owners to change their properties, and each application will need to be assessed on its merits.”

“We need to plan for the future and there are exciting, Territory-building, job-creating projects ahead for our two major capitals, Darwin and Alice Springs, which will help to revitalise these city areas and follow through to our suburbs.” Minister Manison said.

“This Government will shortly commence its Planning Reform agenda to restore trust in the planning process and gain a better understanding from the community about ways to improve planning decision-making and outcomes.”

“Our reform process also includes the opportunity to have your say on a proposed future vision for our cities and towns, as we recognise how important it is for all Territorians to be included in strategic planning.”

“I encourage all Territorians to have their say on planning reform.” Minister Manison said.


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