Minister Announces New Queensland Heritage Council Members For 2017

Minister Announces New Queensland Heritage Council Members For 2017

Queensland Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Steven Miles

New Members For Queensland Heritage Council In 2017

Victor P Taffa

A new look Queensland Heritage Council (QHC) has today been announced with the first ever majority female membership and second female chair in the Council’s history.

Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Dr. Steven Miles said Debra-Lee (Debbie) Best, who has previously served as Deputy Chair of the QHC, has been appointed as the new chair.

“I am delighted to announce today that Debbie Best will take up the position of Chairperson and will be joined by eight new members appointed to the Council and three continuing members.” Dr. Miles said.

“The new members are some of Queensland’s most eminent individuals in the state’s architecture, conservation and heritage community.”

“Architectural historians Alice Hampson and Ian Sinnamon will provide a valuable contribution to the QHC with their expert knowledge of Queensland’s built environment history.”

“Dr. Katie McConnel is an historian and an experienced historic house curator.” Dr. Miles said.

“Other new members include Councillor Judith Peters from Bundaberg Regional Council and Councillor George Seymour, Deputy Mayor of the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

“Planning and environment lawyer Judy Brien and town planning expert Tanya Neville will also join the QHC, as well as Kathy Davies who is the owner of a State heritage listed place.”

“Anthony Ross and William Marklew, who have both served on the Council for four years, have been reappointed.”

Dr. Miles said the Queensland Heritage Council has an important role in conserving Queensland’s cultural heritage.

“The new and existing members offer a diverse set of skills and represent a range of industries and interests across Queensland.” Dr. Miles said.

“Queensland’s heritage places are a significant aspect of our identity, allowing us to connect with our past and understand how we have been shaped as a community.”

“The new look Council will help conserve the state’s heritage places for the benefit of the community and future generations.” Dr. Miles said.


Members Of The Queensland Heritage Council (QHC):

  • Debbie Best has been appointed as Chairperson. She has previously served as the Deputy Chairperson of the QHC and has a wealth of experience in the Queensland public service in education, Indigenous policy and programs, multicultural affairs, and environmental management.
  • Judy Brien has detailed knowledge of the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 and works in the Planning and Environment Court jurisdiction. She has provided advice to government, the QHC and owners on heritage listings, agreements, planning approvals impacting heritage places, Planning and Environment Court matters and amendments to legislation.
  • Kathy Davis is a non-profit executive, journalist and fundraiser with expertise in communication, marketing and public relations. She is the owner of a State heritage listed house and advocate for heritage property owners, particularly in relation to planning regulation.
  • Valerie Dennis is a continuing member and represents the National Trust of Australia (Queensland). A professional historian, she is the Heritage Information Officer at the National Trust. Dr. Dennis has been directly involved in advocacy, heritage research and publications, and heritage education and promotion for the National Trust since 2004.
  • Alice Hampson is an architect and historian with extensive experience in the built environment, research and heritage conservation. She is the Awards Director and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) and its representative on the Board of Architects (Qld).
  • William Marklew is a current member of the QHC and represents the Queensland Council of Unions. He has strong community connections in social justice and disability services, and served in the Australian Army from 1973 to 1997.
  • Katie McConnel is a professional historian who specialises in local area and Queensland history. She is an experienced curator of heritage places and exhibitions and is currently the Historian and Curator for Old Government House in Brisbane.
  • Tanya Neville has over 15 years’ experience in town planning and project management, and represents the interests of property owners and managers in Queensland. She is currently a Senior Director at Economic Development Queensland focusing on the Cross River Rail project.
  • Judith Peters represents the Local Government Association of Queensland and has over 20 years’ experience in local government. She is currently a Councillor at the Bundaberg Regional Council where she chairs the Bundaberg Inclusive Community and Regional Arts Development Fund Committees.
  • Anthony Ross has served on the QHC for four years and represents the interests of rural industries in Queensland. He has been a State and Regional Director for Queensland Cane Growers Organisation and CANEGROWERS Mackay Area Limited for 12 years.
  • Cr. George Seymour is the Deputy Mayor of the Fraser Coast Regional Council. In his portfolio, Community, Family and Cultural Services, he is responsible for heritage preservation, and educating and engaging with the community about local heritage issues. He is the Chairperson of Maryborough Open House.