Minister Announces Funding For Melbourne’s Growth Areas

Minister Announces Funding For Melbourne’s Growth Areas

Victoria Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

$7 Million Shot In The Arm For Melbourne’s Growth Areas

Victor P Taffa

Planning Minister Matthew Guy today announced $6.9 Million in the first tranche of funding for the delivery of key infrastructure projects in Melbourne’s growth areas.

Mr. Guy said the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) has now reached capacity to begin to fund a string of individual infrastructure projects across Melbourne’s growth areas.

“It is fundamental that we are able to use funds derived from the GAIC to manage and deliver meaningful infrastructure projects in these growing, vibrant communities.”

“Money from the GAIC is being directed to priority projects from the local government areas where funds have been collected.”

“I anticipate making further funding announcements as we continue to identify suitable infrastructure projects.” Mr. Guy said.

The following six projects have been identified by the Growth Areas Authority and the Department of Planning and Community Development for early delivery.

1. $1.5 Million for the installation of traffic signals on the Ferris Road interchange intersection in the Shire of Melton;

2. $1.4 Million to fund 50% of the construction costs for the upgrade of Mickleham Road/Greenvale Gardens Boulevard/ Dellamore Boulevard intersection in the City of Hume;

3. $1.1 Million to increase the park and ride capacity at Berwick Railway Station in the City of Casey, with the construction of 150 additional car parking spaces;

4. $1 Million to upgrade the South Gippsland Highway/Craig Road Intersection and install signals, City of Casey;

5. $1 million grant to the Hume City Council for the development of bus facilities, car parking and public realm at the Hume Regional Tennis and Community Centre;

6. $900,000 grant to Wyndham City Council to upgrade the bus facilities, car parking, and public realm as part of the upgrade to the Events, Aquatic and Leisure Centre.

The first allocation of infrastructure funding follows the Coalition Government’s legislative reforms to the GAIC last year to improve housing affordability and reduce red tape.

“Today’s announcement shows that the reforms introduced by the Coalition Government strike an appropriate balance between housing affordability in growth areas and funding for critical infrastructure.” Mr. Guy said.

“After decades of neglect by Labor, Melbourne’s outer suburban areas are getting much needed infrastructure to support their growing communities.” Mr. Guy said.

The reforms have reduced developer holding costs and placed downward pressure on housing affordability enabling some infrastructure in growth areas to be brought forward.

All funds raised by the GAIC will be used to provide vital infrastructure and to oversee development in the growth areas of Melbourne. The GAIC is expected to contribute up to 15 % of the cost of providing state infrastructure and services in growth areas.