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Western Australia Minister for Community Services Robyn McSweeney

Minister Launches 2010 Carers Week Celebrations At Langley Park

Victor P Taffa

Launching Carers Week 2010 in Perth today, Community Services Minister Robyn McSweeney paid tribute to Western Australia’s 250,000 quiet achievers who care for others, often in the family home, and whose contribution to the community often goes unrecognised.

“Most carers go unnoticed in the public eye or fall under the radar.  Carers go about their work as quiet achievers and are very much appreciated by the families they help.” Mrs. McSweeney said.

“The number of carers is growing each year and it is becoming increasingly important this group should receive the necessary support to continue their work.”

The Minister acknowledged the vital work of Carers WA as the peak body representing the interests of carers and said a number of new programs were in development for WA’s 40,000 carers under the age of 26.


“Earlier this year, I was pleased to approve funding for a two-year pilot project, to support young carers in schools.” the Minister said.

“There is a youth-focused website under development that will provide young carers with a forum to communicate and network with their peers throughout the State.”

Mrs. McSweeney said the State Government was supporting a 12 month Young Carers Social Networking Project designed to provide social and respite opportunities, mentoring and peer support for young carers 18-25 years.

At the launch, the Minister outlined a partnership between the WA Association for Mental Health and the Department for Communities’ Office for Youth that focuses on young people aged 13 -17 who are caring for a person with a mental illness.

“Carers Week, a major initiative of Carers WA, gives everyone the opportunity to reflect on the vital role of carers throughout Australia who collectively provide billions of dollars worth of services and make a huge difference to those for whom they care.” Mrs. McSweeney said.


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