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Queensland Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Andrew Cripps

Mines Urged To Prepare For Wet Season

Victor P Taffa

Queensland mines, quarries and exploration sites are being reminded to prepare their emergency response plans ahead of the coming wet season.

Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Andrew Cripps said mining operations need to have their site contingency plans in place to respond to any severe weather events.

“We saw the devastation caused during the 2010-11 wet season when floodwaters inundated many Queensland mines and brought the coal industry to a virtual standstill.” Mr. Cripps said.

“Destructive winds and heavy rain can damage surface structures, cause site flooding, and lead to dangerous conditions for workers.”

“The 2010-11 wet season demonstrated that not being prepared can put lives at risk and disrupt mining operations for many months.”

“That’s why mine operators and workers need to be aware of any potential hazards that could occur and make preparations to deal with severe weather.”

Mr. Cripps said the Department of Natural Resources and Mines has issued Safety Bulletin 126 to all industry operators to help them plan for the wet season.

“This safety bulletin contains a checklist of actions industry operators need to take before a severe weather event and during recovery operations.”

“Queensland laws require all mining resource operations to have appropriate site safety and health management plans in place.”

“They must have adequate resources, facilities and procedures in place to maintain effective management before, during and after a severe weather event.” Mr. Cripps said.

“For example, they must have a process for identifying and warning anyone who could be affected by severe weather events and a system for moving people to safety, and have an adequate emergency response and rescue plan in place.”

“They must also identify any potential hazards on site and secure machinery, equipment and infrastructure and make it safe prior to a severe weather event.” Mr. Cripps said.


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