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Tasmania Minister for Resources Guy Barnett

Helping Grow Our Minerals Sector

Victor P Taffa

Hodgman Government is committed to supporting the thousands of local jobs in our mining and minerals processing sector, and helping the industry grow, Minister for Resources Guy Barnett said.

“Our mining sector has been growing strongly and currently contributes more than $2 Billion a year to our economy, including some $38 Million in royalties which helps us fund important essential services.”

Initiative matches dollar for dollar funding for mineral exploration drilling in Tasmania. Projects receiving funding will be targeting a range of minerals including copper, gold, tin, tungsten and silver.

Successful applicants are:

  • Accelerate Resources Ltd, Henrietta,
  • Accelerate Resources Ltd, Thomas Creek,
  • Australian Hualong Pty Ltd, Comstock,
  • Corona Minerals Pty Ltd, South Darwin,
  • Edrill Pty Ltd, Loyetea,
  • Junction Coal Pty Ltd, Avoca West,
  • Moina Gold Pty Ltd, Basin Lake,
  • Rob Reid and Byron Koster, Clarke Valley,
  • Venture Minerals Ltd, Mt. Ramsay,
  • Yunnan Tin TDK Resources Pty Ltd, South Comet.

Exploration Drilling Grant Initiative will also work in collaboration with our ongoing $1.4 Million Geoscience Initiative, which is collecting baseline geological information on a regional scale to reduce the financial risk for mineral explorers.

“These programs will help reach our target of increasing new mining ventures over 5 years by 50 %.”

“Through this support we are ensuring the long-term viability of this important job-creating sector which is the backbone of many rural and regional communities in Tasmania.” Minister Barnett said.


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