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Northern Territory Opposition Leader Terry Mills

A Pledge To Territorians

Victor P Taffa

Country Liberals leader, Terry Mills, has signed a contract with the Northern Territory community to honour the party’s pre-election promises to reduce crime, cut the cost of living and improve accountability.

Mr. Mills said the contract signing is a binding commitment to Territorians that the Country Liberals will honour their pre-election pledges if elected to Government.

This is in stark contrast to Henderson Labor who has run a fake election campaign to match their non-delivery of services over the past four years.

“The Chief Minister and Labor have been faking it over the past four years and Territorians deserve a change.” Mr. Mills said.

“They engineer a fake sacking of a senior adviser who bullied media to drop a politically embarrassing story.”

“They engineer fake crime statistics to cover up the failure of the Banned Drinker Register and make fake election pledges that rely on a fake cheque in the mail from Julia Gillard.”

“They make fake claims about the Country Liberals policies towards public servants, planning, the environment and even the future of Bass In The Grass.” Mr. Mills said.

“The Country Liberals are the only political party in the Northern Territory that are prepared to hold their policies up to proper accountability.”

“That is why we have committed to bringing down crime by 10% a year during the first term of a Country Liberals Government.” Mr. Mills said.

“We will improve access to affordable rental accommodation, put an additional 120 Police on the beat and create a three-hub economy for growth.”

“Only the Country Liberals have a plan for the Territory’s future not a plan for our own political survival.” Mr. Mills said.


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